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How did you get that job?

Names Fiona Nicolson Job Titles Director

Company No Excuses Networking

When did you start your job? I first started No Excuses for social networking in 2003, then re- launched it in 2010 for professional/social networking, as I could see it gradually developing in

that direction. In the first year, more than 100 new members have joined. Events are attended by a unique mix of business owners, senior managers, freelancers, and other professionals, including artists, singers, designers and photographers as well as accountants, surveyors, solicitors, financial advisers and many more.

So what does your job actually involve? No Excuses is held monthly, on a Friday evening, between 6-8pm, at Edinburgh's most stylish venues - so far we've met somewhere different each month. The format is informal and friendly. There are no presentations or speakers to organise, but sourcing and booking the right locations is key. Keeping people informed is a large part of the job too, through email and social media. I receive a lot of enquiries, often through recommendations from members. Best / Worst Aspects? The best aspect is looking round the room and seeing 40-50 people chatting, laughing and enjoying the evening. It's also great to hear that

people are making useful business and professional contacts. I've found No Excuses helpful for this too, in my other role as a freelance PR/journalist. The worst aspect is that the two hours flies by and then it's time to start organising the next one.

Looking back, what advice would you give to young Fiona Nicholson at the start of her career? Everything you learn now will be useful later on, no matter how unlikely it seems. And finally . . . what are you most looking forward to most in 2011? Lots more new members!

Next event: Friday 7 January, 6-8pm (Check website for venue on Monday 3 January)

Twitter: @noexcusesedin /No Excuses Networking

6–20 Jan 2011 THE LIST 85