I Saw You Stereo. Saturday 12 December. Not sure how we didn't speak to each other. You: cute, petite, curlyish hair. You should have said hello! U/674/09

I Saw You Lambchop - missing your mint sauce - if you’ll swap for bread sauce then I’ll be your man. U/674/10 I Saw You slobbering over Norman Blake at the ABC in front of your boyfriend. One day he will be yours, oh yes! U/674/11

I Saw You dashing through the snow, like a one- man christmas sleigh. So handsome in your wee scarf. U/674/12 I Saw You cutting your hair and trying to abandon your ginger roots. It ain't gonna work buddy, you can't escape the life o' a redhead. U/674/13

I Saw You desperately watching flight tracker. My fingers are crossed for you pal, it'll be okay! x U/674/14

I Saw You ruining Christmas. Thanks Amazon, you're great. NOT. U/674/15 I Saw You dragging me round town on Black Friday. Arrgh! Never, ever again. U/674/16

I Saw You step by step, ooh baby! I've always got you on my miiiiiiind. U/674/17 I Saw You walking down the street with the best hat I have ever seen! U/674/18

I Saw You .at work, across from me - for the final day. Ever. Emotional doesn't come close. Much love x U/674/19 I Saw You being a shoddy deejay at the pre- christmas spotifest - too many christmas songs, bah humbug. U/674/20

I Saw You and everything stopped, I didn't know where I was or what to do... U/674/21

I Saw You clearing the snow off the car, fastest snow clearer in the west. U/674/22 I Saw You staggering down Mitchell Lane. With an angry friend in tow. U/674/23


I Saw You sliding through the snow on your home-made skis - good effort! U/674/24 I Saw You eating a christmas dinner from Wetherspoons, classy lot! U/674/38

I Saw You opening an advent calander, your days are numbered! U/674/25 I Saw You becoming Dr Zack. A Moir, what a hero! Smartest man I know! U/674/39

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. . . pink hair with a bow and gorgeous, coming out of Wannaburger and getting on the 47 with your friends. Let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance. . . U/674/26


I Saw You ravenous girl, cheese dripping down your chin as you devoured your nachos. Let me be your jalapeño. U/674/27 I Saw You in the Street looking fantastic (and you knew it). From a special friend x U/674/28

I Saw You fanny, me boner. Yes? U/674/29 I Saw You shirking your secret responsibility! Wee baddie! U/674/30

I Saw You nicking scarves and pretending they are yours! We're going to have a scarf war on our hands (on our shoulders?), uh oh! U/674/31 I Saw You Steph, finally making the journey up from Landan. SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. Big love. xxx U/674/32

I Saw You beardy man, leaving the Flmhouse on Saturday afternoon. You had a big satchel on and a stripey hat! You were a bit handsome. Shy x U/674/33 I Saw You running up to the tractor, and sliding flat onto your back! Did you see stars? I did, when I saw you . . . *** U/674/34

I Saw You in green and red tights, Mr Elf, looking very mischievous sitting aboard Mrs Claus' knee. She looked rather mischievous herself :) U/674/35

I Saw You giving me a weird look when you unwrapped your secret santa present. Dinnae blame the messenger, it's not my fault! Glad you liked the wrapping though ;) x U/674/36

I Saw You Mr Ten Toes. You are the muckiest pup I know. U/674/40

I Saw You panicking at the last-minute snowy travel chaos. Screw it. Let's move to a hot country, like Morocco. I like Morocco. U/674/41 I Saw You educating me as to the wonders of Darwin Deez. I'm still unsure, but I'm willing to be convinced. U/674/42

I Saw You on repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. U/674/43 I Saw You dropping in some weather report. Nice. U/674/44

I Saw You Baghands, threatening to fire me for the very last time! Sob! There will never be another one like ye. xx U/674/45 I Saw You hugging a lamp post, a dirty lamp post, on your way to work this morning because of the ice. I hope the post calls you. U/674/46

I Saw You licking an ice cream whilst outside in minus 12 temperatures. I’d admire your balls, but the had retracted so far into your body that I think you were a lady briefly... Ha ha! U/674/47

I Saw You keeping mum about dad - dad knows what he did! Trying squeexe down chimneys when you AREN’T Santa is never to be recommended, even if you are trying to clean the soot out of them. U/674/48 I Saw You giant lovely canvas which is soon to be filled with silhouettes and sold to the highest bidder! Go Art! U/674/49

I Saw You orange eating giant, eating all the satsumas - didn’t stop you getting a cold though did it? U/674/50 I Saw You feeding me a chicken lunch, then I saw more people feeding me a chicken dinner last Sunday - it was awesome. Thanks so much! U/674/51

I Saw You Holly Golightly, in the famous film - my friend fell asleep so you were my only company for an hour or so. U/674/52

I Saw You being beaten by me at singstar, by twenty glorious points. Muahahaha! x U/674/37 I Saw You et vous etes un pied. U/674/38

I Saw You Bawbag. Yeah that’s right. I’d say happy Christmas but I don’t like you very much. I hope the New Year brings you only the great things you deserve. Bah Humbug indeed! Ahem... U/674/53

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