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Our annual Hot 100 list has provoked a strong reaction. Here is some of the best feedback from Twitter

HOT 100 Re: The Hot 100 (673) Huge thanks to @thelistmagazine for the number one spot. Thank you, chaps, and as promised your loved ones will now be released unharmed. mrmarkmillar

We’re blushing a ‘lil bit. MITS has made it into this year’s Hot100 list! Thanks @thelistmagazine :) madeintheshade1

Johnny, but where do @thelistmagazine get these from . . . you are just above Jackie Kay and Frankie Boyle who is 15th?! DowntownKeiraB

In other news, myself and my colleagues at @cargopublishing are ranked at no 66 in @thelistmagazine’s Hot 100 of 2010 :D We rock! selkiesong Lovely! David Shrigley is #4 in @thelistmagazine Hot 100. We get to play with him in 2011. Stay tuned for more! magnorththeatre

@RosieArches We’re @thelistmagazine Hot 100 neighbours. #34 and #35 ain’t too shabby! GarconJon AWESOME! I made number 11 on @thelistmagazine ‘Scottish Hot 100’ as a ‘noted liar’. flackboy

I’m the 12th ‘hottest’ person in Scotland right now, according to The List magazine. Just goes to show how sparsely populated Scotland is ;) PictishTrail

Hi @thelistmagazine nice to see so many interesting and talented Scots in your Hot 100 but whatever way you look at her Susan Boyle’s nae hot. foundtheband NOT-SO-HOT 100

@PictishTrail Well done Re: The Hot 100 (673)


WHAT’S IN A NAME? Hi there, Reading through my latest issue of The List, I noticed some startling monikers behind the articles. Jay Thundercliffe? Dit Beauvois? Where do you find these fantastically-named journalists? Sincerely, Hildegaard Flamebeard

THE LETTER OF THE ISSUE WILL RECEIVE ONE BOTTLE OF THE BLACK GROUSE WHISKY Smoky and Smooth a marriage of fine peated Scotch malt whiskies and The Famous Grouse

@thelistmagazine No @detourscotland in the Hot 100? How dare! x spiral_scratch

@thelistmagazine Think you got the significance of Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth slightly out of proportion? Ahead of Richard Wright? Seriously? JanieNicoll @thelistmagazine some remarkable exclusions there and a suspicious revision of opinion re a certain act at the

Fringe. Scandalous. scottagnew

@thelistmagazine Great list, but I disagree: David Tennant HAS been interesting, successful and creative this year (as he is every year) ;-) helygen @thelistmagazine Sorry to correct you, but in Scotland it is ‘Kulchur’. DaveLoudon

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NEDS Acclaimed actor and director Peter Mullan takes The Liston a sight-seeing tour of some of the Glasgow locations for his award-winning new feature, Neds. Buckfast not included. BEST HOT CHOCOLATES At this time of year there's nothing nicer than a hot cup of chocolatey stuff. If you want to avoid overpriced tourist fodder and find the best in town you're going to need our guide.

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