Lovely clean, modern and comfy double bed en-suite room near City Centre, short-term let. £325 all inclusive. Tel: 07985 650 047 Double room for one in spacious Bruntsfield Flat, sharing with 4 others (female, professionals, 30+ - seek similar). Reasonable rent + deposit + share of bills. Call to view. Tel: 07786 932 519



. . . Queens St Station!! I found it. I'm the English guy and you’re the blonde girl with smiles in her eyes. I forgot to ask you, Coffee? U/675/01


I Saw You Met you on the stairs at Club Noir New year. Your name was Joyce and had a red flower in your hair, I was wearing a Tuxedo...Craig U/675/02

I Saw You at a party, & you made me laugh, 7 months on you still do except now I love you! And I've still got butterflies in my tummy! flinto!! xx U/675/03 I Saw You Hi 30 December Counting House you were with a mate but your eyes were on me hey good looking. U/675/04

I Saw You at La Bodega (Scotstoun) salsa New Years Eve - long dark curly hair and dancing with no shoes - who are you? U/675/05

I Saw You tall guy brown hair glasses @ Artschool on Hogmanay smoking outside. Moi: frenchie with dark curly hair, dragged away way too fast by a friend. Get in touch, N. U/675/06 I Saw You Bill! Where are you? I waited at the flat but you didn't show up. Would be lovely to see your face again. I xx U/675/07

I Saw You Pretending you'd given up smoking. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Sort it out you naughty boy. U/675/08 I Saw You Eyeing up my new disabilashoes, my feeties hurt already, they MIGHT be yours... U/675/09

I Saw You All pure greetin' at Crag & Holly's wedding. Bon Voyage to the new Mr & Mrs xx U/675/10

I Saw You "Dan is your worst enemy." U/675/11

I Saw You On the tube, we kept catching each others eye, I wish I'd had the courage to ask for your number. You're gorgeous. U/675/12

I Saw You On Skype, like I will for the next few months, miss you Boo, can't wait to see you xXx U/675/13 I Saw You On your 30th Birthday, ALL the boys are in love with you Todders, not just Dylan. xx U/675/14

I Saw You Deciding you're going to move to Laaandaahn this year init, bet you find your very own Vince Noir! x U/675/15 I Saw You Making me feel like the luckiest guy in the world, how did I get you?! U/675/16

I Saw You tall, dark haired (non) stranger. Looking forward to date night x U/675/25

I Saw You Tilly with the super new shoes and the Teaism. I will be thinking of you while I am away, lots of love xxx U/675/26 I Saw You List People. Thanks for everything - will miss you all! Best job ever... Mx U/675/27

I Saw You Am A Disturbin Yaaaaa!?!? U/675/28 I Saw You In MacDonalds, would you like to dunk your nuggets in my sauce? U/675/29

I Saw You On your way to Japan!!! You're going to have an absolute blast :) U/675/30 I Saw You Your new name is still MINCE. x U/675/31

I Saw You Having a hard time at the moment and it's breaking my heart, you'll be ok. Love you. U/675/17 I Saw You watching coming to support and cheer me on at my duathlon, thankyou!!! U/675/32

I Saw You Being an hour late for your first day at your new job. IDIOT. U/675/18 I Saw You looking straight through me, it's like I don't even exist. U/675/33

I Saw You Looking fabulous and planning the John Waters themed birthday party of the year, can't wait to celebrate your flirty thirties doll! x U/675/19


. . . on Black Friday at the Royal I fell x2 on my fat rear- end on the ice thanks for helping me. What was I thinking shudv shared my vodka with you. U/675/20


I Saw You skipping down the pavement at 9am on Monday 17th. Why so happy? It's January! U/675/21 I Saw You Blondie serving in the New Town Bar on 9th Jan. Love that twinkle in your eyes! If ever you are in Oxford it will be my turn to serve you! U/675/22

I Saw You Clare, Fiona, Alison, Susan, Patrick, Kellie, Kenny and Paula sharing our 'Last Lunch' and playing Therapy. Thanks for a great year. Will miss you all...Jim x U/675/23

I Saw You on New Years Eve... Lost you as the night went on so guess I'll never know why you'd want to audition Northern Irish children... U/675/24

I Saw You watching countless episodes of Mad Men, one day you will be my housewife and that will be swell. U/675/34

I Saw You and while I never forget a face, in your case I will make an exception. U/675/35 I Saw You Charlie, strutting around like a peacock. You were there for a short while but I think I scared you off and you flew away. U/675/36

I Saw You at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell...what? U/675/37 I Saw You but it wasn't enough, nothing is ever enough... U/675/38

I Saw You and you lit up my day with your smile, keep smiling. U/675/39 I Saw You having a great first week! oh yeah, go team! U/675/40

I Saw You shoot an elephant in your pyjamas... how he got in your pyjamas I will never know! U/675/41 I Saw You Euan, Zara (Sarah), Mini, Karina, Pria, Tilly, Lucy, Tom, Lauren, Prof, Cat, Luca, Div, Skip, Fi, Daz, Hoss, Jonny, Ells, Hells, Shug, Brooner, Sam..! There are more - but all of you have made the last 10 years great. Thanks for everything Edinburgh! U/675/42

I Saw You looking like a tiny carrot in your orange bobble hat. I wasn’t sure whether to eat you or hug you. U/675/43

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