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Park life Edinburgh residents fight for their dear green space Words: Anna Millar

A new year dawns and the city’s spaces are in jeopardy once again this fortnight as Edinburgh fights over another unique corner. In an unexpected development late last year, it emerged that Edinburgh City Council may try to build luxury houses on a corner of Inverleith Park. Campaigners are rallying the troops to petition before it is too late.

Following an annual general meeting in November, it came to light that the depot opposite the play area at the east entrance of the park could be used to build up to six homes, potentially selling for millions. ‘People have said they thought it was an April fool because they couldn’t believe it was really a possibility,’ Tony Cook, convenor of Friends of Inverleith Park, told The List. ‘With its extraordinary

views, spare space in the park should be used for the people, whether that’s for allotments or a café or public toilets: there are positive things that could be done for the public in that space. It shouldn’t be about making money for the council.’

While the council has yet to comment, Friends of Inverleith has started a campaign and Cook has been heartened by the response. ‘We’ve been amazed by people’s feedback,’ he says. ‘From the shop owners to the locals, people really seem to care and have been putting their voices to the cause. We’re just waiting for them to put in an offical application and then the fight begins.’ or search ‘Save Inverleith Park’ on Facebook


Here at List HQ when it’s cold outside we like to bring sunshine into your hearts with happy revelations. And what could warm the cockles more than some news about this year’s Glasgow Comedy Festival? Not only is The List sponsoring all the events at the Garage this year including top- notch turns from Russell Kane, Daniel Sloss and more, we can also

reveal the addition of the very marvellous Uncaged Monkeys. As part of their national science tour celebrating the universe, Robin Ince, co-presenter of Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage will join writer and presenter Professor Brian Cox, author of Bad Science Dr Ben Goldacre, as well as author of the best-selling Fermat’s Last Theorem, Simon Singh. We’re excited already. You can get in on the Big Bang action at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow on Sun 3 Apr. See www.glasgowcomedy for more.

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NEW HORIZONS Edinburgh-based artistic community Transgressive North this fortnight launches its 99 Schools project. The venture allows 99 primary schools the chance to take part in a multi-media outreach arts project, Everything is New, offering children the chance to sing alongside their counterparts in India, in aid of Edinburgh-based charity Scottish Love in Action (SLA). The children will sing specially commissioned lyrics by Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith, Tom Leonard and Edinburgh Makar Valerie Gillies. The finished CD, We Are Growing Into a Tree, is set to be released in early 2012. See /99schools for more.

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