PUELLAE Witty and penetrating new writing starring Nalini Chetty and Samara MacLaren. "When the subject turns to abortion, cosmetic intervention, birth, motherhood, sex, love, misogyny, fear or just how you feel in your own skin, women still won't tell the truth to each other unless they are very very drunk" - Caitlin Moran. MOTHER TONGUE A multi-character, autobiographical performance piece written and performed by actor and New York Times bestselling author, Jillian Lauren. Mother Tongue traces Jillian(cid:96)s circuitous and humorous journey to get pregnant and, when that proves unsuccessful, to adopt her son in Ethiopia.

DR. QUIMPUGH’S COMPENDIUM OF PECULIAR AFFLICTIONS A brilliantly witty new chamber opera by Martin Ward (Royal Opera) and Phil Porter (RSC) performed by a first-class cast. The celebrated doctor revisits the bizarre cases on which his mighty reputation was built…

ART & LANGUAGE EXHIBITION Art & Language was the foremost conceptual art grouping of the 60s and the 70s. This exhibition will display two large works from 1973 as well as other items relating to the group’s famous ‘Index’ installations from this heroic period of linguistic conceptualism. THE ROYAL DICK Our new bar serving a wide range of wines, spirits and beers, including the new Summerhall Pale Ale, excellent food, coffee and soft drinks. Open from noon till 3am during the festival.


The Summerhall Cafe opens at 10.00am every day.

Box Office 0845 874 3001 Summerhall, 1 Summerhall Edinburgh EH9 1PL 54 THE LIST 2–9 Aug 2012

WE ARE NOT HERE An ironic and grotesque exploration of modern alienation and the impossibility of living in the present. Taking off where Waiting for Godot left us, Italy’s Babygang explore the desperation of life in a world without meaning with black humour and intellectual bravery. DETENTION A non-verbal comedy featuring powerful acrobatics, off the wall clowning and throbbing percussion, Detention is about 3 naughty high school boys chasing around a beautiful female classmate in a detention class - and the ensuing chaos, mischief and uproar.

REMAINS TO BE SEEN Carolee Schneeman is a world- renowned artist in many disciplines. Schneeman will install 3 major video pieces and a never-before- exhibited photographic series and during the exhibition's first week she will create a major new work in situ at Summerhall and give a performative lecture. STATIC STATE Humour is focused upon a gritty social reality in this curated group show displaying the talents of nine of Edinburgh’s most gifted emerging artists. At times satirical, ironic and playful but never dull nor reverential.

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