NO BEVVY FOR OLD MEN Re: Neighbourhood pubs feature (717) In my opinion, some of the examples of renovated pubs provided by this article, Edinburgh-based in particular, have in fact ripped the old man's soul out of the establishments. This has been achieved by pushing up prices, removing original seating and features and replacing them with wooden l ooring and generic furnishings. The main goal of this appears to be to 'move on' from the original customer base. I understand that efforts are being made to retain original features such as i replaces and pub fronts but what is the point if you then stuff the i replace full of candles and change every other bit of the pub beyond recognition? If a pub has already closed down and has no real hope of opening again then this approach can be understood, but even then more than mere lip service should be paid to retain the original look and feel. If the pub is still a going concern then there have to be further limits on what can be altered: the Sparkle Horse and Boda Bar are good examples of how this can be done properly. If not, we'll end up with a bunch of bland, expensive pubs drowning in candles, more interested in serving cake than beer. This will leave loyal, traditional drinkers with nowhere left to go in their own cities and in i ve years' time young drinkers in Edinburgh won't know what an old man's pub is. Comment posted by Ryan John on


The Internet being ng was what it is, there was on a lot of discussion st on last month over our analysis of the on death of a cartoon n dog. ‘You bring in ot Quagmire but not e Brian?’ typed site user Adrienne incredulously, in reference to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s ff decision to kill off the Griffin clan’s pooch. ‘Wanna know why The Simpsons has been on for 20 years? They don't kill their main cast!!’ At the other

Sean was end of the scale, Sean was willing to give MacFarlane the benefit of the doubt, and instead directed his vitriol at us for having the temerity to question Brian’s departure. ‘He will be back let the team of EXPERTS do their job. Goddamn, f@ck grow the F up you dumb motherf@ckin idiots out there that are so quick to criticize without knowing the

facts and facts and researching before you open your FAT a$$ mouths!’

Elsewhere, site user Jeanie decried the quality of produce on offer at Maidenhead Aquatics. ‘I bought 6 female guppys n two male 6 fish died in 48 hrs would not recommend this place’. Make all the excuses you want Jeanie, your kids will still blame you.


WHAT ISSUES ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU IN THE INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM? We ask the question, you give the answer. Join in on Twitter @thelistmagazine and Facebook

@mdbolsover Political representation, drafting of constitution, electoral reform, EU membership, currency.

about what the Yes campaign intends to happen post-Yes, but I’d like to know what the unionist parties intend to do to improve Scotland post-No.

@leeb0147 Trident, economy, wealth distribution, NHS, education, housing, business investment, job creation, diversification, EU.

@ntrainor @leeb0147 add childcare and education and you’ve got my list.

Dave Gallacher Whether it’s Westminster or Scottish parliament, the politicians making the choices are all the same kind of corrupt, self-serving bastards. Is it more comforting to be robbed by someone with the same accent as you?

Caroline Messer Martine McIntosh

I pretty much have decided how I will vote. I’ve heard plenty In a week where the Conservative Party has stated

that they will reduce welfare spending if they win the next election, I’d like to know what Alex Salmond will do for the elderly, the unemployed and those with long-term illness.

@robertmacfunk I’m amazed how keyed up both sides are over which nation- state has control over them.

This is a small sample of the responses we received to this issue’s Question. For the whole response, visit our Facebook and Twitter feeds. See page 13 for our feature on the independence referendum.

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