ABANDOMAN Giving a less than beloved comedy genre a very good name

M usical comedy: who wants that? After all, it’s pretty much sitting at the lowest rung on the laugh-making ladder. Only the over-talented likes of Bill Bailey, Bo Burnham and David O’Doherty seem capable of breathing life into that hoary old sub-genre. Still, at least it’s not tragic old improv, which thankfully provides an ad libbing safety net in order to keep musical comedy just about afloat.

But what would happen if you brought musical comedy and improv together: that would be awful, right? Well, it would be if you’ve never heard Abandoman. Led by Irish frontguy Rob Broderick, they have been making plenty waves on the comedy landscape since breaking through in 2010, the year in which they scooped the Hackney

62 THE LIST 15 May–12 Jun 2014

Empire New Act Award and won at the Musical Comedy Awards.

They supported Ed Sheeran on tour, but don’t let that put you off: not for nothing have they been dubbed ‘Flight of the Conchords meets 8 Mile’. Which sounds pretty amazing, unless you can’t stand Kiwi double acts or rappers shouting at each other. For this Summerhall show, they’ll be resurrecting Moonrock Boombox in which a full-scale hip hop space musical will be concocted right before your very eyes and ears. Should you miss Abandoman now, fear not, they’ll be coming right back at you in August with a full run of something they’re calling Hot Desk. (Brian Donaldson)

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Wed 28 May.


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Summerhall, Edinburgh, Wed 28 May.

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