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Ah, student days. A time of learning, boozing, socialising, boozing and watching wall-to-wall daytime TV. And boozing. All of that somehow crammed in between meeting every single coursework deadline, of course. To coincide with our Student Guide, we asked a bunch of graduates (of various vintages) which song, film or TV programme most reminds them of their college / uni life.

CSI and Murder She Wrote. I really should

have studied Criminology and not Textiles.

Afternoon showings at the 501 in Liverpool of Reservoir Dogs, Natural

Born Killers and Man Bites Dog. They made pretty

funny films in the early 90s.

Neighbours and playing ten-hour stints of Football

Manager! But I won the Champions League with Aberdeen so it was totally

worth it!

Blur’s ‘There’s No Other Way’. Except there clearly

was, given their various members moved into

world music, Labour party

politics and cheese.

Millionaire Matchmaker (I love a bit of Patti Stanger and her wine mixers)

and The Big Bang Theory (‘penny, penny, penny . . . ‘)

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. I was dancing to this in

Glasgow with an adulterous lover who would later

become my ex-wife. The angst captured something of the moral compromises I was feeling as I bounced up and down in Fury Murry’s.

If I was being honest, I’d say Neighbours because it was on at the right

time, and all the time. But instead I’ll say both Peep Show and Green Wing,

because both were utterly new and weird at the time, and great to watch with a large group of flatmates.

As much as I would like to say something really pretentious and

high-brow, it’s definitely Come Dine With Me.

My friends and I

couldn’t afford cable, so we would rewatch my flatmate’s Sex and the City boxset over

and over, hating every second of it and hoping we would never be like Carrie Bradshaw.

‘Born Slippy’ by

Underworld. Memories of going to Edinburgh Uni in 1995 were Trainspotting, clubbing, and the refrain of ‘lager, lager, lager’.

Now 68 was my unfortunate student soundtrack. It still induces flashbacks

and the unmistakable waft of Carlisle’s only Wetherspoons...

I am so old you won’t even of heard of my uni faves: but I loved the new fresh young Blondie in the mid-70s but was mocked for it by most of my friends who tended to punk.

Along with two of my housemates, I developed

an almost religious

addiction to Supermarket Sweep (don’t laugh). It was the only thing that would get us out of bed before 9.30 (?) every day and I occasionally dip into

repeats on Challenge. When a university pal got a job on one of the ‘checkouts’ in the show, we almost died.

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