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ELECTRIC MAGNETIC INSTALLATION Eclectic installations in new solo exhibition from Hayley Tompkins

Hayley Tompkins is known for creating eclectic installations with found objects ranging from house plants and old clothing to discarded mobile phones and bottles. She often paints over these objects to distort them or give them a new identity, or juxtaposes them with photographs of other items to complicate their original meaning. Her new solo exhibition at Glasgow’s Modern Institute continues in this experimental vein. ‘The show will be a mix of works in vitrines and wall-based pieces,’ Tompkins explains. ‘The installation draws together photographs, watercolours on paper, and painted objects such as sticks.’

The objects Tompkins exploits in her installations often relate to the human body and the ways it can be extended through everyday items. This new installation will take these concepts into a wider field, as she tells us: ‘The exhibition will reference phenomena of the natural outer world, waves and the land with ideas about the inner world of the body and invisibility.’ Tompkins is also acutely aware of the ways the constituent parts of her installations relate to one another and to the space around them. She says of this new work ‘will have an emphasis on the artificiality of display and ways of seeing’. (Rosie Lesso) The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Sat 12 Sep–7 Nov.

3 Sep–5 Nov 2015 THE LIST 89