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91 CHRISTINA NEUWIRTH BOOK, BY TOAD As well as working on a doctoral research project looking at gender equality in contemporary writing and publishing in Scotland, Neuwirth pens her own essays and i ction. Her debut novella, Amphibian, swam its way onto bookshelves this year. (LM)


HEAVEN SENT The Glasgow grungy four-piece (featuring lead vocalist Anna Shields and bass player Lizzie Reid), received a nomination for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards Best Newcomer prize. The group played their latest single ‘Heaven’ at festivals including Electric Fields and Tenement Trail all summer. (BC)


WAX WORKER One of Scotland’s most accessible and popular singer-songwriters, Tunstall’s sixth album WAX (the second part of her planned ‘soul, body and mind’ trilogy) found her embracing guitars, synths and big soulful vocals while focusing on concepts of physicality and the human body. (HN)

88 SGÀIRE WOOD DOG PERSON Artist and model Wood explores trans identity and mental health through performance, costume

and music. 2018 highlights included her show Puppy Love at Barcelona’s Cordova Gallery, and Knots, an unofi cial Celtic Connections fringe event co-organised with Josie Vallely. (SS)


FIELD GAMES The Dundee-based duo (made up of Katie Lynch and Mark Johnston) blend genres to produce a unique jazzy lo-i sound. The pair performed at 3D Festival which opened V&A Dundee and received a Scottish Alternative Music Awards nomination for Best Rock / Alternative band. (BC)

86 GERDA STEVENSON STELLAR TALENT A woman of unfeasibly diverse talents, this actor, writer, poet, director and singer-songwriter released her collection Quines: A Tribute to Women of Scotland through Luath Press in March and gave the Thomas Muir Memorial Lecture in Edinburgh. (DP)

85 JAY LAFFERTY QUIET ONE Host of Besoms, the Rose Theatre’s monthly multi-bill heralding diversity in comedy, Lafferty is also a member of the Edinburgh-based collective Viva La Shambles which regularly gigs at The Stand. Meanwhile, Wheesht! was her warmly received Fringe hour. (BD)

Chamber of Commerce to bring the city’s best designers together to mark the 2018 European Championships. (KG)

83 THE HONEY FARM CARING DUNBAR With the release of their debut mini-album Welcome to the Honey Farm, this Dunbar rap trio continued to i ercely knock holes in the masculine front of the genre with tracks which call out douchebro behaviour, i ght back against gender stereotyping and promote body positivity. (DP)


SCRIPT WRITER Performer, poet and compere, Jenny Lindsay is a force for good when it comes to the Scottish spoken-word scene. She runs a programme of events under the name Flint & Pitch, and this year launched her popular solo show, The Script. (LM)

81 MORVEN CHRISTIE INNOCENCE PROJECT After The Replacement, The A Word and Grantchester, Christie has become one of the most consistent and reliable actors on TV. In 2018, she was among the many suspects as part of the ensemble cast in BBC One’s Agatha Christie adaptation, Ordeal by Innocence. (HN)


84 DR STACEY HUNTER LOCAL HERO This design curator, writer and producer founded Local Heroes, a platform supporting designers working in Scotland, back in 2015. This year, the organisation partnered up with the Glasgow

DESIGN GURU The legendary fashion designer, whose avant- garde pieces are coveted by A-listers the world over, designed the punky, sumptuous costumes for the new production of Cyrano de Bergerac, and currently has her i rst solo exhibition as part of the Liverpool Biennale. (DC)

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