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Michael J.A. Stewart mentions in passing that he’s waived his right to the throne ot England. it’s the kind at remark you might expect in a Milos Forman movie, but this is Edinburgh, and the man telling me this is not only at liberty but also manilestly sane.

Oescended irom Charles Edward Stuart

(Bonnie Prince Charlie), His Royal Highness Prince Michael James Stewart at Albany has a claim to the Scottish throne which has been

reluctantly acknowledged by the British

government. Born and raised in Europe, he returned here in 1976 to begin work on restoring the monarchy to Scotland.

Charming and urbane, and possessed at a French accent with what may perhaps be a Highland lilt, Prince Michael is not a man to incite armed rebellion, and bears no malice towards

i the Windsors. This particularJacobite 3 Pretender is content to employ

reasoned argument and quiet persuasion. His claim rests on the tact that at the Treaty oi Union in 1707, the Parliament 01 Scotland was not declared null and void, but simply adjourned. ‘The people of Scotland,’ he argues, ‘have the legal right to

f choose a sovereign at their own.’

To publicise his beliets, and the

: achievements oi the Jacobites, Prince

Michael is at work on a book, Forgotten

~ Monarchy, and has had talks with the

; Scottish National Party, which he says 1 were ‘quite well received’. He has also appeared on television several times,

though he laughingly laments that ‘i haven’t broken through BBC yet—

l surprise surprise!’ On Central



Television he stirred up a lurore by pointing out that, in the absence ot a written constitution, Britain had no

democracy. ‘What we have in effect is a monarchical institution which condones what the government does at any time, whether good or bad.’

Prince Michael’s criticism oi the British system at government is perhaps less surprising than his own political leanings. ‘I am a socialist, believe it or not,’ he says, ‘but with a monarchical concept, which is not particularly against the grain it you take into account that I’ve lived in Europe ior so long. it you take Holland

? tor example, there you have a

monarchy and you have a great republican spirit. There’s nothing that says you can’t have a kingdom and have a socialist outlook. What I would

f like to see is an independent Scotland,

with a written, pupular constitution preserving the rights at the realm oi Scotland, and a monarchy it the Scots wish to have it. it there is a call tor a

HRH Michael J.A. Stewart- Scotland's monarch?

republic, l’m certainly not going to be the one to stand against it.’

Prince Michael’s ultimate goal is an independent Scotland in Europe. With 1992 looming, time is at the essence. ‘What i would like to do is to present Scotland as a blueprint to what the united states at Europe could be like. We could have a perlect opportunity in Scotland to start airesh: as a matter oi tact, lieel we have to take the

opportunity. When 1993 hits us, we will

have to assimilate other cultures and they assimilate ours. People will have to be aware that we do exist. How better to exist than through a restored sovereignty?’ (Andrew Burnet)

HRH Prince Michael J.A. Stewart lectures on The invisible Spirit: the Jacobite Dimension at the Edinburgh Theosophical Centre on Sunday 3 February. See Talks and Workshops listings.


Starting Monday 28

- I Scottish Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Centre

Open Evening 58a Broughton Street.

Edinburgh. 7.3(l—9pm. Free. Allare invited to come along on the second. third and fourth Monday ofeach month for

T coffee.talks.speakers.films.etc.


Starting Tuesday 29

I Open Meditation Class Glasgow

3 Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street.

Glasgow. 333 0524. 7.30pm. £2.50

(£1 .50). A weekly course in the cultivation

Lot positive mental states.


Wednesday 30

I The Art at Meditation Sri Chinmoy Centre. 36 Candlemaker Row. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Free. Talk by author Alan Spence.

I Natural Healing and the Use at Crystals The Meeting House. 7 Victoria Terrace. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. £2. Can the secret vibrations within crystals bring about healing in the human body? A talk by Emin Scotland about this Contentious branch of holistic medicine.


I The invisible Spirit Theosophical Centre. 28 Great King Street. Edinburgh. 556 5385. 7.30pm. Free. HRH Prince Michael J.A. Stewart. who claims to be rightful heir to the throne. discusses ‘The Jacobite

Dimension'. See panel.

Monday 4

I Remember Wendy Wood? 17 George W ' Bridge. Edinburgh. Info; 554 7951/55]

3107. 7.30pm. Free. First ofa seriesof

talks organised by The Scottish Patriots. in

which the society‘s secretary Violet Maclnness pays tribute to its founder ten years after her death. Talks will eontinue at the same time and place on the first Monday of each month.

Thursday 7

I Scottish Calvinism and the Origins oi the British Spy Thriller McC‘anee i.Strathclytle University. Glasgow .552 4400. 6pm. Free. Prof David Daniell ofUniversity College. London discusses The Thirty-Nine Steps and all that.

Friday 1—Sunday 3

I The Eye Of The Tornado Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. on? 5438. Fri 7~«iilpm: Sat. Sun 10am—5pm. £35 (£25). (‘hiara Sehilska leads a long weekend workshop designed to help its participants to bypass the stock responses and feelings encouraged by conditioning. instead finding the True Sell/Inner Teacher/Still Place Within which can guide a more healthy approach to living. Details of equivalent courses for men may be had on 031 6677141.

OPEN EXTRA » Friday 25 and Saturday 26

I Call That Singing! The Bard The Blues and The Beatles Community Central Hall . 304 Maryhill Road. Glasgow, 332 9115. info: 227 55581227 5559, 7.30pm, £1 (50p). Glasgow‘s community singing project celebrates Burns Night wrth a concert of songs by Ayrshire's finest. along with a few by Tennessee’s and Liverpool‘s t'inest.

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