I Watsonians V Itirkcaldy Myreside. Racecourse. Bothwell Road. Hamilton. Colinton Road. Edinburgh. lpm. Club £10. Paddock £5 (£3). First race 2pm. Flat racing.

DEE- Frlday 23 I Ayr Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. - “a” gays Tuesday. Thursday and Ayr. Club £10. Egltnton £6. First race

Saturday. Shawfieid Stadium. Rutherglen 6.20pm Evening flat racing. Road. Glas ow. Ther * are ten rac ‘s 'n g ° '* Saturday 24

each meeting. starting at 7.45pm. £2. . I Ayr Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. I. | s T I N G s Edlnbu'gh Ayr. Club £10. Egiinton £6. First race

I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and 3- lopm- Hal “Wing- Saturday. Powderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. Each meeting includes ThurSday I man a ' Fnucmo Raebum placc‘ ten races. starting at 7.39pm. £2.50 Stand. I Hamilton Park Races Hamilton Park Stockbrgidge. Edinburgh. lpm. Race programme free With admission. Racecourse. Bothwell Road. Hamilton. I” “win: I KirItcaldy V Carlton Bennochy. Club L110. Paddock £5 (£3). First race Kimmy. lpm. HERE- 2vm~ Hat CRICKET Saturday 24 Friday 16 SPEEDWAY sconlsu coum cmumousmp I Hamilton Park Races Hamilton Park Friday 16 I Stirling county v Perthshira Racecourse. Bothwell Road. Hamilton. I Edinbu h 6"" o“ Hummus v SCOTTISH COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP Williamfieid, stifling, 1pm, Club £10. Paddock £5 (£3). First race Pemmomrggh Pamhfls Powdcrha” I Ayrshire V West lothian The Oval. I west Lomian y Ahefdganshlm Boghall, 6.30pm. Evening flat racing featuring the St, d. Fdhbur h 7 18 m 1 ca uc Prestwick, 1pm, Linlilhgow. 1pm. pick ofthe northern circuit trainers and luln‘ bg ' ' h ' mamma" °°""””""°“"' The “NEW” ""'°" NC” 3‘ ““"‘“‘°"- itJill?iTJLaZ‘SfaT'ZI'ti0333312” Ams. Alloa. lpm. I Gmnock V Poloc Glenpark. Brisbane Saturday r n bl m mjirown gatch y HALL WESTERN UNION Street. Greenock. lpm. mail 0 a y‘" at" Al ip n ' I Clyde-Wale V POIOB Titwood. Beaton I Fergus": v Clydesdale Meikleriggs. : Ava/firfllilzgclgolqrsc. fill/wells Road. :ousfgzgketsfiha‘Eficrdnaadfi: V a” Rd. Glas ow. I m. Paisle . 1 m. W U i 'g ""0" - 1mm“ , . , - - .- , I Forgusglio v Crieenock Mciklcriggs. I \Vesyt oiScotlaud v Oddingston 3.20Pm- Flat facing from Scotland's 3‘30p”‘1M;3l"bG‘x’}dw'3 "Tl‘l‘l‘ Paisley. lpm. Hamilton Crescent. Peel Street. Glasgow. Premier lka- 2:1“: {griziglcgllghlgofifig an M IAer Uddlngston Cambusdoon. 1pm. Monday 19 . p g t . . . Alloway. lpm. I Ommpelllorvllelburne Langloan. a 7 Wh. 1‘ _ R l Fnday 23 I Orumpellier V Kilrnarnoclt Langloan. Coatbridge. lpm. . AW Ayr Battfii’QFSM ~ W5 03‘ i . Coatbridge. lpm. I ittlmamock v Ayr Kirkstyle. Ayr- Club £10. helium" f6- Hm race I Edlnburoh Gulf Oil Monarchs it long I Kelbume v West Oi Scotland Kiimamock, 1pm 2pm. Flat racing. Eaton Invaders Powderhall Stadium. Whitehaugh. Paisley. lpm. RYOEN EAST [EAGUE Tuesday hdlnburgh. 7- l5pm- RYOEH EAST lEACUE I Freuchia v Royal High Public Park. Sunday I Colstorphlno v Watsonians Union Frenchie_ 1pm I Edinburgh Musselburgh Racecourse... . _ Park Camck Knowc parkway, I smnhommu" ' Edinburgh Acads The Musseiburgh. Club £10. paddock £6. First I Glasgow Alfred McAIptne Tigers V Edinburgh. lpm. Tryst Lame". 1pm. race 2pm. Flat racing from the twisting Newcastle Diamonds Shawfield Stadium, I Edinburgh Acads V HeriOtS Racbum I Carlton V Grange The Pavilion. Grange was”! com-“5 Glasgow. (’f-mir’ln- A lar'f‘fifl‘r'lcag)’ d placc‘ Stockbn'dgc‘ Edinburgh 1pm. Loan‘ Edinburgh. lpm. encounter or tgers agains' eor tes. I Royal High v Stenhousemuir Jock‘s I Harlot: PP v Corstorphlne Goidenacre. Thursuay 22 led by Paul “WP and New [Calandt‘r Lodge. Edinburgh. lpm. Inverleith Row, Edinburgh. lpm. I Hamilton Partt Races Hamilton Park Mark Thoma

It’s 0 amaznl . what you can do with a

fringe club card

Dance with it. Drink with it. Hat with it. Chat with it. 9 6 C j T

YOU can also see cabaret. listen to bands. laugh for the whole season. £12 for a week or £4.50 for at cormcs. shootpootoreventakeashower wrtha daily membership. ange Club card. Open -tll 3am. the ange Club IS the place to go. !F M

For full details. look under “Fringe Club' In this Daylight Or darkness. grab a qu’ck bite or bcsuroty meal

mgmmm' and Wu." s°°n 3” “my °V°' 2‘-°°° 0' WW 8 “My How"10m 7pm to 89m when 9"“5 R D I 0 I T I °°°°‘° ’°‘"°° “‘3‘ W“ and spurts are less than a :1 [A .

YOU can pm In advance at the ange Office in Get your card soon

m m m w 3M .Po Box 96 Paisley PA1 2N8 Tel: 041-887 9630

Toviot Row. 8nsto Square, And it onty costs £20 wrth It.


54 The List 16—29 July I993