I The Piemaker 38 South Bridge. 556 8566. The phrase ‘carrying coals to Newcastle' springs to mind for this one. South African Johan Venter was so impressed with the success of a chain of pie-orin take-aways in his homeland that he decided to export the idea to what he describes as the ‘heart of pie country' in Scotland.

Whether or not lidinburgh counts as the throbbing heart of (‘aledonia's pie fixation is a moot point. Some point to Dundee as the home of the ‘peh‘ as it is known colloquially in Tayside while others lay the blame to rest on Strathclyde and their invention of the Clydeside Heart Stopper. a local delicacy comprising a deep-fried mutton pie slapped between a well- larded roll.

Not that Mr Venter has anything to do with such gastric abominations. All of the l’ierttaker“s creations are baked throughout the day on the premises using fresh puff pastry and a variety of fillings ranging from the traditional


steak and chicken to cheese and spinach. ()ccasionally Venter likes to surprise his clientele with his own

dynasties. the Raeburns (surprise). who i

ran the Merchant Street Brewery and

then the Craigmillar Brewery until

secret recipe pastry which is something

of a cross between a puff pastry and a shortcrust. As befits a top quality pie emporium. customers can select their own dough and filling before watching their pie being prepared and cooked in front of them. All the pies err on the

large size and cost 79p with reductions

for bttlk buyers. What are you waiting


ABV4 n srrrr Hunt run

I Raeburn’s Edinburgh Ale Scottish

Brewers haye added a new brew to their real ale portfolio. Raeburn's is a cask conditioned pale ale named after one of - Edinburgh's most illustrious brewing

with a fruity nose and creamy head that

l‘) l 3. The beer is a tempting golden colour

sticks to the glass as each mouthful is drained. It's a full-flavoured brew with

an ABV of~l.7 per cent and it’s packed to the gunnels with hops. making it

distinctly refreshing.

I Two Dogs Alcoholic lemonade The

Australians continue to stamp their mark on these fair isles. Not content with giving us the swoonsome Mel Gibson in the role of William Wallace they have now taken to inundating us

; with green bottles of alcoholic


Legend and marketing myth has it that

a certain Australian. Duncan MacUilliyray. a fifth generation Scot

whose family originally hailed from lnyct'ttcss. was having a quiet tinny or

two with a local lemon farmer. The farmer was complaining about a glut of I lemons so MacGilliyray took some off

his hands and brewed up some

alcoholic lemonade. Handrly.

Brill and Bear which was modelled on an English boozer. The good landlord tried out his concoction on his regulars who promptly sunk the lot and demanded more. Knowing a good thing when he saw one. Mac(}il|iyr'ay teamed

up with ()zzie brewers Coopers to start

producing the lemonade on a

commercial basis. The rest is history. or

l MacGilliyray also ran a pub entitled the i

' at least it's history in the southern

hemisphere where Two Dogs is stocked in practically eyery bar and bottle shop and Mr Duncan .\lac(ii|li\'ray is a millionaire.

The liquor is made from South Australian lemon concentrate and

brewed to 4 per cent ABV so it packs

quite a bite. lt‘s~ tangy and fruity with a

' citrus ling that should put a sparkle

into the most jaded of palates. Those in

need of lemon refreshment can purchase their tonsil tonic in selected

bars and from most off licences and

supermarkets. (Jonathan Trew)


94 The List H.3l Sept NOS



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