PAUL OAKENFULD is a bona fide megastar. He is liy'ing proof if you need it that the underground ethics of the early acid house moyenient liay'e matured into an important cultural phenomenon lliat now donnnates

mainstream popular music. .-\long with .\'icky llolloway. 'l’reyor bung and Danny Ratnpling. he kickstarted the ltouse music rey‘olution in the l'ls'. llis legendary Spectrum club attracted oy'er I500 people oti Monday nights. w ay back tn l‘lts‘7. He has remixed some of the most important atid unlikely bands in the world. including the Rolling Stones. ['2. INNS and the Happy Mondays. He has taken club culture to a global audience.

play mg as far afield as India. Brazil. Singapore and lceland. He played to 95.000 people at one gig on [C's Zoo Tour. He runs his own label. l’erfecto Records. He was recently Voted Best Producer at this year‘s International Dance Music Awards. He's been l).l-in:l since l‘)7‘). He can llll\ on four decks. He loves music. This is his first gig iii lidinburgh for five years. Do yourself a fay'our - don't tniss out. t.lim Byersi

l’titi/ ()(llst'lifti/(I l).l.\' u! I/te Tunnel. Glasgow. on I’ri /‘) cl/H'lf. ()Ii Sul 31). /l(’ p/ury lint/i I/lt' iii/incl (UNI ll’ilkit' Home. lz't/iii/titre/i. The Tunnel .llirt'y. (1' triple-puck ('H/t'myt'iit' cunt/tiled IN” ()(l/H'II/(l/(l. Ki/Aie. 'Il'i't'Itt/ii/t' (Uit/ .llt'(‘rt't'r\1 I.\ released IN" The Tunnel in (tyyut‘ittliolt lt'iI/I [Jill/Ht Recon/y (in .llun 0 Mar l we (iii/n pi't'i'it'n l.

.-\l..\.\' M(‘( ‘R( ).\'li

BONDAGEBS might seem an unlikely soaraway stage success. giy en its dour setting a Borders farm in the l‘)th century. Btit Sue (iloyer's witty. lyrical and uplifting all-female play ltas beeti rey iy ed so many times that she shouldn't be surprised to hear froin (‘ameron Mackintosh one of these days. The original Trayerse production is back from a (‘anadian tour this fortnight. and is e\pecled to pull so big a crowd itt lidinburgh that it’s \ isiting the more capactous King‘s ’l‘heati‘e. Next stop. incidentally. is Budapest.

BHIM/(IL’UI'A i.\‘ (H the Kine '\ 'l‘lieutrt'. Iz't/i/I/iiu'e/i. ll'c't/ 24—811! 27 April.

KEN 0000 was so tickled by his last visit to the Edinburgh Festival Theatre that he posed tor this photo in its grandly restored Victorian auditorium. He and his leather duster will be back this fortnight to spread a little happiness why, he may even otter a suggestion or two as to where the new Edinburgh City Council might care to stick the scaffolding currently supporting the ceiling of the beleaguered theatre’s cate bar.

The Ken Dodd Happiness Show is at Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Fri 19 and Sat 20 April.

The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Music: Letttield ()ne of the growing number of bands who truly appeal to a broad cross spectrum of music fans rather than just the dance posse. l.eftfteld round off their tour of the l'ls' in (ilasgow'. They'll be playing tracks from their excellent l.t{/ii.\-iii album liye and hope to produce a live albutn from the tour. See [ea/tire. Barrow/turd. Mon 2‘).

I Film: Sate Julianne Moore plays a suburban housewife who becomes allergic to the 20th century enyironment in 'l'odd llaynes‘s disturbing movie which tackles a handful of contemporary issues. It begins as satire btit soon takes on a dark. sinister mood. See preview and I‘t'i‘ic'n. I'i/Iii/iuuse (tm/ (I'I‘Ulif-I'Ulll Fri 3/).

I Pagan Festival: Beltane The transition from w inter to summer is celebrated in this modern interpretation of an ancient ritttal. Follow the procession then iny'ent your own personal rite?

(ii/Inn Ill/l. 'littt 3!). //)..i’l)/;iii inn/nigh].

I Theatre: Twelfth Night In their second y isil to Edinburgh this month. the Royal Shakespeare Company present the Bard's romantic comedy about music being the food of love and stockings being worn cross- gartered. lidwat‘d l’etherbt'idge stars as the luckless Malyolio. lz‘tli'ii/ituje/i l't’X/ll'tl/ filed/re. Tue 33’ Na! 37.

l Dance: Les Grands Ballets Canadians 'l‘liey cotne from Montreal and iii the modern dance world that‘s a yery good place to cotnc from. l'nder new director Lawrence Rhodes (irands Ballets hit L'ls' stages for the first titne with a 32 strong team of finely-tuned daneethletcs and a Who‘s Who t'epeitoire that includes Mark Morris. Key'in ()‘l)ay‘ and Hans \'an Maren. See pi't'i‘u'w. King's. (i/ttsgun; 'I‘litirs 25 Sul 27.

I Theatre: Prydain The exciting Welsh physical theatre company Brith (iof. return to Mayfest with a show that should liaye special resonance to Scottish audiences as it concerns itself with British identity. See preview. 'Ii'timn‘uy'. Glasgow. 'I'litirs‘ 2—811! 4.

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