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‘Surely that’s associating athleticism with the consumption ol‘ aleohol‘." Ventures Rod the harman. 'l'hat‘s the kind ol‘ thing we approy e ol‘. howe\ er. so ll'or/(l (71/) ()8 goes through,

()l'lieial lingland gatne Three Lions ('lake 3. £39.90) mercifully doesn't include Skinner and Baddiel‘s terrace anthem. It does lt‘illlll'c‘ ()eean ('olour Seene's [/Hlllll't’t/ .lli/e Hie/I ('t'Iy. hut you can't haye eyerything. It‘s up against Player Manager t:\nco £29.99). a tnanagetnent simulation so dttll it makes Arsenal look like a httneh ol' deyil-tuay-eare thrill-seekers. 'l'lirt't' lions eotnl‘ortahly enters the nut stage. especially sinee 'l'eddy Sheringham appears to he sent oil for haying a heard.

It's another easy \‘ietory next as Sunday league's Adidas Power Soccer 2 tl’sygnosis £39.99) takes on the mighty ISS Prodileetronie :\l‘l.\ U999). 'l‘he underdogs have a hilarious ’magie glowing hoots’ opening sequence. httt l'ail to shine on the park. The aw l‘ul gameplay is no match for the paey ISIS I’m.

Things go a hit ha/y arottnd this point.

thanks to the flowing pints courtesy of our

\‘enue. l)r \Vatt's l.ihrary in lidinhurgh‘s (‘owgate (no. we‘re not ahoye a hit ol‘ product placement either). so let‘s last-forward to the final. But we‘ll het that goals flew in. the crowd went wild and drinks were spilled.

;\ deathy littin falls as the teams leay'e the tttnnel l‘or the tnain eyent [SS I’m against ll'or/t/ (‘tt/i ()8. It‘s a tough call. htit the young pretenders take the trophy hy a nose. [528' Pro is a ton ol‘ fun and good if you just want a lattgh. httt ll'm‘lr/ ('up ()8 has realism and topieality on its side. l’lus. Scotland ean l‘easihly tan Bra/il 5-0 in the lirst round. and that's a result worth shelling ottt l'or.

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Why England will win the World Cup.


NOW, THIS MAY well be considered a treasonable suggestion and my postie may soon be over-burdened by those nice people at Settler Watch. But there is a nagging doubt at the back of the mind and the pit of my stomach which, like a vodka and Irn Bru hangover, refuses to budge. On 12 July, England will be coming home and they'll be bringing the World Cup in their kitbag. Never mind that they have a squad of enviable talent the Shear power of their forward-line, ultimate Spice Boy David Beckham in midfield, and the moustachioed agility of spunky Seaman in goal. Forget Glenn and his god, the squads’ hands-on approach to faith healing and Gazza's turning from flailing elbows to flying saucers. There is an altogether less logical and more cogent reason behind their destiny. The Mirror Method is too spooky to be discounted and has had Scots across the country contemplating emigration to Mars ever since the theory came to light. Simply use 1982 as the starting point and working back and forth, you will find a pattern of winners leaving 1966 paralleled with 1998. Deny it at your peril. (Brian Donaldson)



1974 West Germany

1978 Argentina 0

1982 Italy

1986 Argentina 0

1990 Germany



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