THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM (Formerly Glasgow Independent Studio). Top Floor. 6-4 Osbourne Street. 552 1472. Tue—Sat 2—6pm.

Claude Leveque Sat 18 Nov—Sat 2 Dee. Claude Leyeque. whose installations combine sound. light. narrative and setting. presents a recent neon piece for the gallery space. Part of Vivre 5a Vie.


Ground Floor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 221 8162. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun 1 lam—5pm.

New Artists A varied selection of work by up-and-coming artists featuring sculpture. textile design. paintings and jewellery.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon—Fri 9.30am—8pm; Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 1—4pm.

Zones L'ntil Sat 25 Nov (New-bery Gallery). An exhibition of work by third year Environmental Art students. Bureau Des Videos Thu 16—Thu 30 Nov (Mackintosh Library. Mon—Sat 10am—noon). Forming part of the multi- venue festival. Vivre 5a Vie. which highlights the current trends and developments in French contemporary art. Bureau Des Videos. an agency for the display and distribution of video- based art. present a video library of their collection.

Myron Helfgott and Carlton Newton Thu 16 Nov—Sat 9 Dec (Mackintosh Gallery). Large-scale mechanical drawings by two artists from Richmond. Virginia.

Meter Metier Mon 20 Nov—Wed 6 Dec (Atrium Gallery). An exhibition examining the symbiotic relationship between teaching and practice. bringing together a group of practitioners/tutors who share a common passion for the future of their profession.


200 Buchanan Street. 331 2233. Mon—Fri 9am—6pm (Thu until 8pm): Sat 9am—6pm; Sun 1 lam—5pm. Nicholas Pages Mon 20 .\‘ov—.\lon 15 Jan. A new commission by Nicholas Pages sited in Glasgow and Edinburgh‘s branches of Habitat. His creative writing concentrates on the description of everyday life. Part of Vi \‘l‘t’ Su Vie.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 5431. Mon-Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free.

Nono Reinhold - The Stairs L‘ntil Sat 27 Jan (Picture Gallery). A series of ten etchings inspired by staircases from the Dutch artist.

Putting Pen To Paper L'ntil Sat 10 Feb (Mackintosh House Gallery). The illustration and graphic design work of Aubrey Beardsley (1872—1898) is on display along with the work of other artists of the period.

Whistler And Holland L'ntil Sat 27 Jan (Exhibition Gallery). The Dutch landscape inspired some of James .\'c.\'eil Whistler’s finest etchings. as well as watercolours and small oils. His work is shown alongside etchings by Rembrandt. and work by his own contemporaries and followers.


18 King Street. 552 25-10. Tue—Sun noon—6pm.

The Department L'ntil Sat 2 Dec. To raise the profile of Satellite Studios which offers studio space. computer access and support in developing professional skills. ()rhir is a programme of artist-run exhibitions taking place across Glasgow throughout November. For lntermedia Gallery. eight female visual artists examine femininity and its traditional role. Featured artists include Clara L'rsitti. Gitte Griffith. Sally Chapman. Anne- Marie Copestake and Claudine Hartzel.


11 Mitchell Lane. 221 6362. Mon. Wed. Fri at Sat 10.3(lam—6pm; Tue 1 lam—6pm; Thu 10.30am—8piii; Sun noon—5pm. it (includes entry to all exhibitionsi. Ingenuity L'ntil Sun 3 Dec. Young Product Design Engineering students in Glasgow show their \ isions for future transport forms.

Electric City 1 Thu 16 Nov—Sun 25 Feb. This unique exhibition looks at (ilasgow 's contemporary music scene. rcyealing how the success of today ‘s bands and artists has deyeloped and grown. From Alex Harvey to Belle .3: Sebastian. the exhibition features a psychedelic floor installation by Jim Lamhie. plus workshops. cyents. \ ideo screenings. listening posts and iiitcractiye on-line TV. And in the exciting. a series of club nights are planned including lixe DJs and gigs.


Station Road. .\Iiliigay ie. 578 88-1". Tue-Fri 10am—1pm. 2—5pm; Sat a Stiii 2—5pnt

Glasgow Society Of Women Artists L'ntil Sat l8 NM. New paintings. sculpture. jewellery. prints and textiles by members of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists.

Christmas Art And Craft Sat 25 Nov—Tue 19 Dec. .-\ selling exhibition of painting. prints. ceramics and jewellery by Scottish artists.


200 Bath Street. 331 0722. JUL“ Sat 9am—-6pm.

Central Studios t'ntil Wed 23 Nov. fine art. textiles and couture by artists from Central Studios; Scott Riley. lii'nesto \'a/. Leslie Hepburn. Dry ck Walker and Deirdre Murphy.

Jim McChesney: and Jura Fri 2-1 Nov-Wed 10 Jan. Illustration paintings and the launch of the ‘tlii‘eejocks.coiii' website created by Jim .\lc(‘liesney. along with two and three- dimensional paintings of the island of Jura.


322 & 32-1 Duke Street. 550 1185. Tue—Fri noon~6pm1 Sat 10am—4pm; Sun noon—4pm.

Clare Crines, Sinclair Neeson, Penny Sharp and Lee Stewart t'iitil Mon 20 Nov. As part of ()i'/)ll. a programme of artist-run exhibitions to raise the profile of Satellite Studios. an exhibition of work by these four artists.


270 Satichiehall Street. 332 7521. Mon—Thu ck Sat 10aiii—5pm; Fri & Stiii l lam~5pm.

The Royal Glasgow Institute Of The Fine Arts Annual Exhibition Sun 26 Nov—Sat 16 Dec. £2 (£1 ). Annual exhibition of sculpture. paintings and pl't/Cs worth up to £15000.


12—16 Brunswick Street. For details call 576 6182.

Laetitia Benat Fri 17 .\'ov. 9pm. For one night only. artist Laetitia Benat introduces and presents recent video works including Royal Gun/vii ( 1997/98). Purl (l/Jlt‘l't' .S‘u \lt'.


73 Robertson Street. Suite 6. Floor 1. 2-18 371 l. Thu—Fri l—5pm or by appointment. Bojan Sarcevic Sat 18 Nov—Fri 1 Dec. In his first exhibition in Scotland. Sarcevic show s a selection of new work. Recent projects include The l‘tll‘UllI'llt’ (lot/it's. lliirii [3y .Jlt’ll .-liiil ll'unit'n. During Work. a series of sculptures shown alongside dirty fayourite clothes and The Balls 0/ .‘itlt'llt’ll. two giant metal halls. Part of \lt'l't' St! \lt’.


Centre For Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. Group Show L'ntil Fri 8 Dec. .-\ group show of paintings by Edward Henry. Ronnie .\lcCulloch. Robert .\lcCam|ey and Sylvia .\1c.-\uley.


For details call 5—6 6182. Thomas Hirschhorn Fri 1" .\'o\—Sat 2 Dec. In a public location (still to be announced) in Glasgow. Hirschhorn. working with modest materials cardboard. tin foil. perspex. wood and collage - w ill recreate his public installation piece from his series of altar works: a homage to Raymond Cary er. Part of \ii‘i‘t’ Sir \it'.

RG1 KELLY GALLERY 118 Douglas Street. 2-18 6386. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5 am; Sat 10.30am—lpm. Linda Clar and Freida Ewart Scott Sat 18 Nov—Sat 2 Dec. Oil paintings.


100 Renl'rew Street. 332 5057'. Mon—Fri 9am—430pm.

Colour For Health [hill 30 .\'ov. Paintings in oil. watercolour and pastels by Margaret S. Thomson.


6 Btii‘nlicld Road. Giffnock. 638 I200. Tue-Sat 10am~5pm1 Stiii noon—5pm; (‘i'essw ell Lane (off By i'es Road). 638 1200. 'l‘tic—Sat l 1am»~5.30pm; Sun noon—~5piii.

Emerging Artists Partnership Two new galleries from the limerging Artists 1".irtncrsliip Ltd. showcasing the work of leading art schools throughout Scotland and the I'K.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Tue—Sat l0aiii~5.30pm.

Bruno Serralongue Sat 18 Nov—Sat 23 Dec. .-\ major solo exhibition of recent photographic works by Bruno Serralongue including the series. Destination [.uslt‘k'tly. I’tll'l ullit‘rt' St! lit'.


50-60 King Street. 553 1638. Daily noon—l 1.30pm.

Clare Crines, Sinclair Neeson and Penny Sharp L'ntil Thu 30 Nov. New work as part of ()rbil. an artist-run series of exhibitions taking place across Glasgow.


260 (‘lytle Street. 243 2177. Tue—Sun 8pm ~2am.

Orbit Thu 30 .\'ov. 8pm—2am. ()n show for one night only is a photographic documentation of all the exhibitions included in ()rbii. a programme of artist-run shows taking place in a variety of venues across Glasgow.


25 Albert Drive. 422 2023. Tue—Sun noon—8pm. Free.

Pierre Joseph Thu 16 Nov. 7pm (Reading Room). The launch of a 'l‘ramway commissioned publication created by Pierre Joseph. which will be available to gallery-goers throughout the duration of the Vll'l'l’ .S‘u Vic festival. Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno Fri 17 Nov—Sun 17 Dec (Tramway 2). Regarded as ‘stars‘ of the new generation of French artists. Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno create new. large-scale work for Ti'amway"s main art space. Huyghe's video works is similar to artists Douglas Gordon and Gillian Wearing and Parreno's installations explore issues of organisation of space. structure and identity. Purl (if'l’ii're .S'u lie.

Valerie Mrejen Fri 17 Nov—Sun 17 Dec (Project Room). Working in the medium of text and video works. Mrejen creates a solo exhibition of work for Ti'amway's Project Room. Part of Ilt'l‘r' .S'u I’lt'.

Xavier Veilhan Fri 17 Nov—Sat 2 Dec (Courtyard). Recreating representational devices. venues. backdrops and scenes using both two and three dimensional media. \‘eilhan has been commissioned for an earlier sculpture piece. Le Fair for Tramway. Part of l’ii'rc .S‘u \Tt’.

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The best exhibitions this fortnight

The Scottish Colourists Christened the ‘COIOurists' due to their unashamedly bold use of pure c010ur, Fergusson, Cadell, Hunter and Peploe brighten up an otherwise dreary yvinter with their ever popular wOrk Dean Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 28 Jun,

Fernando Arias Blood samples, a preserved umbilical cord and a coffin built entirely from Lego. New and retrospective works by one of South America's leading artists Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 28 Jan, See rewew.

Vivre Sa Vie A veritable feast of French contemporary art is highlighted and celebrated in this multi-venue festival curated by Tanya LQIQI’IIOD. Highlights include Bruno Serralongue at Street Level, Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno at Tramway and Glassbox at the Collective Gallery. Various venues, Glasgow and Edinburgh, until Dec. See Glasgow Art listings.

The Department Eight female Visual artists examine femininity and its traditional role in an exhibition featuring work by Clara Ursitte, Claudine Hartzel, Sally Chapman and Anne-Marie Copestake. lntermedia Gallery, Glasgow, until Sat 2 Dec. Shift: New Works By Alison Watt Three years on since her successful solo show at Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery, Alison Watt has swnched subject matter in her eagerly awaited new paintings. Nudes are out, fabric is in. National Gallery Of Modern Art, Edinburgh, Sat 78 Nov—Sun 7 Jan. See feature.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2000 The prestigious annual t0uring exhibition of students and recent graduates selected from Britain's art colleges stops off at Inverleith House. Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith House, Edinburgh, Sun 79 Nov—Sun 74 Jan. See preview.

Made Space/Lucy Orta: Survival Wear Two very strong shows occupy the gallery space of the Talbot Rice. Made Space concentrates on draWing, featuring the work of Charles Avery, Margarita Gluzberg, Claude Heath, Alan Johnston and Margaret Priest and upstairs, Lucy Orta presents her unique ’surVival wear’, wearable clothing which d0ubles up as refuge shelters. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sat 76 Dec.

16-30 Nov 2000 THE lIST 85