I Jazz ’n’ Jive Club l-airmile Inn. 44 Biggar Road. 3 l 2 3243. 8pm. £4 (£3). Special guests the Dane Keir llot 1"iy'e join the Louisiana Ragtinte Band to supply the traditional and Neyy ()rlean'x jttll.

GDavld Berkman Quartet Henry‘s Jazz ('ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £7.50. See Thu 21.


Dates listed below are for one-off and ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Folk 8. World listings compiled by Norman Chalmers.


I Hung Drawn Quartet Brel. 3‘) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3pm. 1-"ree. This excellent saxophone quartet play jal/ standards. Latin and original numbers in their own indiy'idual arrangements.


I Subie Coleman Band Henry '5 Jill! Cellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. midnight. £5. Vocalist ('oleman. who was previously associated \y ith (‘al’e (iral‘liti’s Midnight Blue Band. l'ronts her own outfit. yy ith hluex. _ia//

and soulful tunes.

; GDavid Berkman Quartet Henry’s Ja/z ('ellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £6.50. See Thu 21.

Glasgow I Kesha (‘al'e (’oxxachok. Rtl\\l;tll , (‘ultural Centre. 10 King Street. 55.3 i 0733. 8.30pm. £3. .-\ gypsy-lull l'uxion from \ iolinists I.ey .-\lltt\ and ()leg 1 l’onomarey and guitarist Nigel (’lark.


Jazz l'iestiy‘al 'l'heatre. 13-29 Nicolson Street. 52‘) (illllll. 7.30pm. £17 —£20 (£15 £18). All till-\lttl' traditional ja/l package crixx-croxxex the country on a lengthy tour. The Big (‘hrix Barber Band. the Dutch Syy ing (’ollege Band and the Pasadena Rool' ()rchextra team up for a swinging night oljtt/l and blues.

I Doctor Jones, Darker Than Blue and Pseudofunk La Belle Angele. llaslie's (lose. 22.5 7536. Spin. £4—£5. Acid ja/l. rare grooy'e and funk from this triple hill of local cats.

I Nigel Clark Trio llenry\ Ja/l (‘elltttl 8 Morrison Street. 4(i7 5201). 8.30pm. £5. (iuitarixt Nigel (‘lark (formerly of line and (‘ry ljoinx haxsman liyyan Vernal (formerly o1 Deacon Blue) and drummer Mike Bradley for an accessible selection of jail and Latin tunes.

I Jazz At The Trafalgar Suite Waterloo Bullet. 3 Waterloo Place. 556

, 7507. 8.30pm. £3. See Sun 17.

Wednesday 27


GWPS Of Jazz Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 3000. 7.30pm. £16.50--£22.50. See Sun 24.


I Colin Steele Quintet llenry \ Jan Cellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £6.50. Slightly dill'erent billing lrom the St Andreyy \ gig ahoy e. but the same hand. yy ith Julian .-\rgue11e\ l\tt\e\l. Day'id Milligan lpianot. Brian Shielx thaxxl and John Rae (tll'tlllt\l.

I Indigo Bongo ('Iuh. l4 Neyy Street. 558 7604. 0.30pm. £4. 1.iye.ia// and funk into the wee small hours.

Thursday 28

Edinburgh QI Reid Anderson Quintet

Henry \ Ja// ('ellar. S \lttt't'lxon Street. 467 5200. H.30pm. £7. Arguably the leading light in the new yy aye ol Neyy York ja/l contpoxet‘x and handleaderx. hit\\l\l Reid :\lltlL‘l‘\()lt llltlkex ltl\ Scottish debut. “ith a (ilthgtm gig to lolloyy tomorroyy. 'lihe liil\\l\l yy ill \york yy ith a specially chosen line-up from the Scottish scene.


I Hamish lmlach Tribute Night The Star (‘1uh. Riyerxide (‘Iuh. l-‘ox Street. 560 7287. 8pm. £6 (£4 l. Around a do/en great singers and instrumentalixtx

including Jimmy llutchixon. Brian McNeill. (iordeanna .\lc('ulloch. Brian Miller and liraxer Spierx pay tribute to the seminal (illx Scottixh l‘olkxinger and guitarist.

I St Valentine’s Latino Dining l’rincex Square. Buchanan Street. 221 0324. 8pm. 1.atin_ia// l’rom Macumha \y ith dance demonstrations by Sttlxtt Sahroxa. Dinner bookings at H 1’ayone: 0141 2210543: d':\rcy \Z (1141 266 430‘): Bill/y Wares: (1141 248 4(l(i(i.

I Valentine’s Concert ('at'e (ioxxttellok. King Street. 553 (17.3.3. S30pm. l-‘ree. Romantic Rtixxian accordion l'rom (ieorgie (iaijic.


I Scotland In Love Netherltoyy :\l‘l\ ('entre. High Street. 556 057‘). Spin. £6 t£4i. Romantic tales yyith music from harpixt Katie '1'. Adams and \tot'ytellittg from Day id ('ampltell. Meals ayailahle in the cafe. please pre-hook.

I Out Of The Bedroom 'l‘lie \Vayerley. St Mary \ Street. 557 1050. 9pm. 1’ree. ()riginal lnll\le only at lltlx yyeekly eyent lor lllthlc‘lltth and those \yhoiuxt yyant to lixten. llouxc guitar. key hoard and 1’.r\ ayailahle.


I Grand Reunion Concert & Ceilidh St .v\ndre\y \ In The Square. ()0. Saltinarket. St Andreyy \ Street. 548 6020. 8pm. £10 1 £8 l. :\ generation of folk musicians. including the hands Kentigern and Molendinar. yy ith Rod Paterson. \Vendy \Veatherhy. Arthur .lttllllxltlne. (‘hrix Miller. Ken (‘amphell and many more take the stage in memory of singer/guitarist 'l‘ony ('ul'l'e.

I Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes Riyerxide ('luh. l"o\ Street. 248 3144. 7.30pm. £15. linger-picking country rockers.


I Skipping In The Wind ('entre l-‘or ('ontinuing liducation. Bucclcuch Place. l‘niyerxity o1 litliithurgh. 447 1601. 7.30pm. £6 t £4). lidinhurgh‘x llarp l"e\ti\a| presents ll]1\ rel'lection on \yomen from childhood to old age. through \yordx and inuxic. l’erl'ormerx are Betty Boyd. Kate 'l'huillier and ('harlotte l’eterxen.

I Pam Mitchell’s Songwriters ()n The Mound. North Batik Street. 226 680‘). 7.30 9.30pm. l‘ree. Acoustic night \yith liloorxpolx and it lettltll'etl gllexl ttl'ltSI. lloxletl it} l’am Mitchell.

I Star-Crossed Lovers thlterhoyy Arts ('entre. High Street. 556 057‘). Spin. £6 t£4 1. Romance and humour from

story teller\ \Vendy Welch and Michael Kerinx.\o11g5 l'rom Jack Beck. Meals ayailaltle in the cafe. please pic-hook.

Saturday 1 6


I Bongshang, Shoormal and Sheila Henderson Trio Queen'x llall. ('lerk Street. (ihH 2111‘). 3pm £3 £1”

(U) {St l'iit'xl ol the Shetland Semtonx. :1 Series 01 \1toyy c‘;t\L‘\ lttt‘ Shetland-based hands. \hoyy ing their diyerxc \ty lex.

Bongshang hash out banjo yy ith liddle. guitar. bass and drums; Shoormal specialise in pop roots \‘ocal harmony and Henderson does her (‘ountry thang. See prey ie\\.

I V50 Ceilidh Dance Thomas Morton 11all. Ferry Road. I.eith. 623 0661. 8pm. £7 l£5l. Islander supply the Inc masie.


I Folk Fundraiser For Cancer Research New Lanark Village Hall. New 1.anark. 01555623 0661. 8.30pm. £4. Lindsay Addison and Wired To The Moon provide the entertainment.


I Echoes Of Erin St Andreny In The Stluare. ()l'l' Saltmarket. St Andreyy N Street. .543 6020. 7.30pm. Do/enx ol' [op Irish musicians. singers and dancers on the annual ('omhaltax tour. Many of" the performers on uillean pipes. accordion. concertina. flute. fiddle. piano. step dancing. set dancing. scan nos lt'lxll singing or English-language singing are all-Ireland champions.


I Kelly Joe Phelps La Belle Angele. lltNieN (lose. 22.5 7536. Split. £12. World- L‘lihx. jal/y hluex l'rom thix huger accomplished l'S guitar play er and

song“ riter. See prey ieyy.

I Open Mic Southern Bar. South ('lerk Street. MW 228‘). 7pm. liree. :\ll \ty lex \yelcome. please bring your out] instruments.

I The Listening Room The Blue Bla/er. Spiltal Street. 22‘) 5030. 8pm. £2 ‘l‘ililcxted donation. Acoustic folk. rock and ntore l'rom \‘tll'lttUN \inger/ songyyriterx presented by Peter Michael Royy an of Acoustic l'nderground.

I Davy Gibb \Vee 1‘o1k('1uh. Royal Oak. 1nlirinary Street. 557 2976. 8.30pm. £3. (initar and lltllnttl'tttlx songs from Dayy (iihh.

Monday 1 8


I Acoustic Underground Whistlehinkiex South Bridge. 557 5114. 10pm 2.30am. Free. Open mic. llttxletl by

Peter Michael Royyan.


I Davy Gibb Stirling 1-‘o1k(‘1uh. 'liet‘l‘acex llotel. Mely ille 'l‘errace. ()17S6 472268. 8pm. £5 (£4t. See Stm 17.

Wednesday 20 ~


I Gordeanna McCulloch and Chris Miles lidinhurgh 15olk ('luh. (‘aharet Bar. ()0 The l’leaxancc. 650 234‘). Spin. £61£4 £5l. liillltltk from [no of the biggest y'oicex around. Real Scotx song. I Absolute Beginners Ceilidh Dance Boroughmuir High School. View l‘orth. Bruntxlield. 7.30 ()pm. £2.50 (£1.50). No partner necessary.

I Kin ('ale Royal lilxll'tt Bar. West Register Street. 557 4702. 9pm. £1 tperl‘ormerx lireet. ()pen stage for poems. comedy. \ttng\ and lllllxle. l’erl‘ormerx \yelcome hook a \lot helore 9pm.


I Kevin Montgomery and Al Perkins 'l‘ron 'l‘hcatre. 'l‘rongate. 552 4267. Split. £10. Naxhy ille legend Montgomery i\ joined by the dell \teel guitar \york ol l’erkinx.

I Marilyn Middleton Pollock The Star ('luh. Riyerxide ('luh. l-‘o\ Street. 56‘) 72.’7. Spin. £6 (£4l. l-‘rom ('hicago. hut tor a long time (ilaxgoyy -ha\ed. l’ollock ix hack yyith her guitar and ja/ly way with l‘olk.


I Out Of The Bedroom 'l‘he \Vayerley. St Mary 'x Street. 557 1050, 0pm. lirce. See llttl l4.

folk & world listings Music

Tony McManus Paisley-born but internationally known folk guitarist Tony McManus releases his latest album. Ceo/ More. with a series of concerts (some featuring Capercaillie's bass and Salsa Celtica‘s tabla accompaniment) around the central belt. Dunferm/i'ne Folk Club. Wed 20 Feb; St Andrew '3 In The Square. Glasgow and Sun 24 Feb: Edinburgh Folk Club. Wed 27 Feb. The Singers’ Gathering A major festival of Scots song. the Singers' Gathering is a weekend of workshops. discussion. talks. performances and concerts. and includes Alison MCMorland. Christine Kydd. Maureen Jelks. Gordeanna McCulloch and Jock Tamson's Bairns. Howden Park Centre. Livingston, Fri 22—Sun 24 Feb.


I Glasgow Islay Gaelic Choir Concert :Mlelaitle‘s. Bath Street. 248 4970. 7.30pm.


I Streetwork Fundraiser: Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham The Hub. ('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 8pm lam. £15. Bain. ('unningham and their tamed liddle-and-accordion-with jokes \hoyy; in support of charity for the homeless. Streetyyork. l"or further details call (1131 622 (tool).

I Claire Mann and Aaron Jones The 11uh.('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 7.30pm. £16 with dinner. Same yenue as ahoy'e. hut doyy'nstairx. Dinner concert featuring lltttltixt Mann and guitarist Jones.

I Ceilidh Dance Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street. 220 4.34‘).

7.30pm midnight. £15. lidinhurgh'x (iaelic huh. 'l‘aigh Na (iaidhlig present a ceilidh dance and bullet. yy ith liye music from the l’entland (‘eilidh Band.

I Pam Mitchell’s Songwriters ()n The Mound. North Batik Street. 226 6809. 7.30 0.30pm. 1-‘ree. See Hi 15.


OThe Singers’ Gathering

lloyy den l’ark (‘entre. lloyy den. 01506 433634. .-\ yyeekend of performance. \yorkxhopx. discussion. talks and con- certs celebrating the Scots \ong tradition. .-\11 day hixtro. Batt'x. (‘hildren's eyents. OGather Round lloyy'den l’ark ('entre. lloyyden. 01506 433634. 8pm. £5 (£3). \tteulixlx Maureen Jelkx and ('hrixtine Kytltl celebrate their Settls identity \y ith an eclectic program of songs. l’art ol' the Singers ' (iul/n'ring. Sn' l-‘ri 22.

‘1 LR“, F (}l) 290.? THE LIST 53

9:: .9: i