Soma knows how to put on a party and has joined forces with Wall of Sound for the Glasgow Sizzler, with sponsorship in the form of those lovely people at Rizla. Good news for the man in the street for two main reasons: the line-up’s damn respectable and the whole shindig is completely free of charge.

The Sizzler nights have been running for a few years now down in London, and they know how to put on a party gratis. They always put together bills comprised of the finest in globally recognised DJs and the cream of the local underground, and this night is no different. There’s a rare appearance from Jacques Lu Cont of Les Rhythmes Digitales, who was promoted some years ago to Madonna’s internationally recognised gang of cool people.

His band always puts on a mightily funky and flamboyant show, so this should be a spectacle if nothing else. Another guest spinner from a respected dance band is Will White, from those funk terrorists Cawley acknowledges the argument that says Propellerheads. It’s been pretty quiet from both of sponsored nights run in opposition to the essence of these bands of late, so these guys will be extra keen to underground house, but also shows enthusiasm for give the crowd a raucous reminder of the vitality of these events when done properly: ‘Sponsored nights their sound. can be a bit dodgy, but they’re getting better all the

Disco to disco indeed. In the box marked ‘Star of the time,’ he says. ‘The Sizzler ones in particular are really Future’ is the inimitable Master H, a Soma darling and good, the ones down in London have been well one of the finest spinners around today. Anyone who received. They always put a good angle on it and do it has witnessed his sets at Alaska and the Arches will properly. They’re perfect for summer, and this time understand his capacity for carpet bombing a crowd. there’s a barbecue.’

Incendiary is one word that springs to mind. There’s loads of reasons for attending this party, but

Fenetik boss Paul Cawley is another highlight. His the age old truism, that things are more enjoyable vast musical knowledge and unrivalled experience on when they’re free, subordinates them all. the circuit mark him out as one of the godfathers of the (Johnny Regan)

Glasgow scene. His presence on the bill is welcome, I Tickets available from CCA Box Office and Fopp. Bvres and he’s hooking up with a few of his mates too. Read.

The Sizzler makes its mark on Glasgow

There’s the supremely laid-back Sidewinder, who is looking forward to releasing an album on Fenetik in the near future, and also the powerful tribal tech of Universal Principles.

'l FCl l—JAZZ


Trouble At The Blue Note, Edinburgh, Fri 19 Jul ~

5 ' 4'

Say his name fast enough and you might think Brian Eno was playing. Instead. but on equal par. raise your champagne flutes for Ian O'Brien. Like Eno. O'Brien is a renowned producer, an innovator of different styles and a private indiVidual who lives for the studio. Unlike Eno. O'Brien has a full set of hair and keeps his glitter and platforms safely under lock and key.

Based in Glasgow but originally from Essex. O'Brien spent time in London immersmg himself in the seiinds of Detroit techno before being hand picked by Peacefrog Records. Unimpressed by the acid house scene around that time. O'Brien discovered a handful of new grooves. most notably ia// and world music. ' i , ' . 'l'm equally into Detroit techno as l ‘l 5‘?” , .. ~ am ia// and Brazilian music. It's still d‘fi‘Qéi}; v.5 ' basically synthesi/ed electronic music that I do.‘ he says.

Even so. O'Brien rarely plays live. wrong people are in or you could be 'Yeah. I'm primarily a producer.’ be playing to the right people With the says. 'l got into DJing because it was wrong records.’

a way to supplement buying records. Modest and honest. Don't let him But DJing is a fickle business. You feel you. Ian O'Brien is one of the could be playing really well and the most highly regarded [)Js around

. . \ \ Ian O’Brien straddling the world of jazz and techno

Willi three bestselling albums already in the bag. You can see yer Saslias :ind Tongs every Hiday night. Make an effort and catch Ian O'Brien for his Edinburgh debut. It Will be a long wait till he plays again. (Graeme Hoydi

84 THE LIST ‘if’, Jul l Aug yew

Word up

The latest club news

Ll"l'S SlAltl Wl'l H lHE BAD news shall we? One of Glasgow's greatest underground clubbing venues is set to shut its doors. yep the sad truth is that Alaska is closing. Oi‘e of Soma's main venues With guality nights from the likes of Siam iF-reelance Sciencei. DJ O 'l‘luidi. Percy X Gain). the Jengaheads il-lomebasSi and home to a variety of other weird and \.'./onderful goings on. But don't despair. you still have until Saturday 5 October to enjoy all its juicy tuneful goodness. when there Will be a closing party of the classiest nature from Stuart and ()ide themselves. ticket info as soon as we get it.

NOW ONTO THE GOOD news: Glasgow institution the Sub Club really, really is almost ready to reopen with early September pencilled in. Expect a party of epic proportions and just watch those Subbie boys go from strength to strength once firmly ensconced in their old stomping ground.

Smokey and the Bandit hit the airwaves

COLOURS IS CON 1 INUINO its live radio coverage as local reSidents Smokey and the Bandit take on a five hour set this fortnight to be broadcast On Forth Flvl. So get yOurself down to the Liquid Rooms. Edinburgh on Saturday 27 July if you want to see them in the flesh rather than JllSl hear them on the old Wireless. Jumping around. cut up sounds. nu—age disco and dex’n'lX guaranteed.


Edinburgh is building up for another month of 24 hour broadcasting in October. If you fancy spinning a few platters on the transistor or want to get involved in any way contact or check the website ( for more info.