homh (and yex. there are earpetx inxolxed) the eentral eity \entie \\ itlt the kind ol‘ houxe traekx that would xtart a riot on either xide (ll. the Atlantic.

I Vegas at the Renli'exx l‘erry. .\'e\t date I: ()et.

I The Winchester Club at the Woodxide Soeial. Next date the.

I Violate at Big .loint. Next date 5 (let. I Wired at .v\xy ltlli). ('aledonian l'nixerxity l'nion. ltlpn) 3am. £3. Weekly. (ilaxgoxx ’x longext running alternatiye indie night \xilh drinkx promox aplenty.

I Xposure at .'\l't‘ll;ltl\. t lpm 3am. L'S t£(i). Weekly. Serx ing up hedonixtie hard houxe attd trattee. your hoxtx Steyie Kerr. lain 'l‘hotnpxon and Day e (iilntour keep the kidx on their toex.

Chart & Party

I Bonkers at Bonkerx. l lptn 3am. £4 hel‘ore midnight: £5 alter. Weekly. Who are \\ e to argue \\ ilh tltix night oi" unhridled popularity and xilly t‘un'.’ .\lainxtreatn pop tninglex \xitl) tlte hitx ot' the thx. and the eroxxd go \\ ild \xeek alter week.

I Boogie Nights at Media.

llpm 3am. £(t. Weekly. Step haek lll titne to rexel in tlte tunex ot‘ the 7(lx attd 30x. .v\rri\ e early to mold a eruxhing dixappointment.

I Classic PM at l-tn'y \lurry'x.

llpm 3am. £(t t£4 ). Weekly. .\'ieely named nigltt ot‘ happinexx iron) the old eluh undergoing xomething ol‘ a renaixxanee. l)anee elaxxiex and party tunex. \\ itlt alternati\ e and roek tunex ttpxtairx in 'l‘\\ ixter.

I The Garage at the (image.

ltipm 3am. £5 t£3t het'ore llpm; £(i (£4) alter. Weekly. ()ne ol' the huxiext nightx in toxxn. Super~et)nimereial party xoundx on the main daneelloor and indie L'lilSSlL‘S it) the Attic.

I Graduate Club at g3. l lptn Ram. £4 (£3). Weekly. l)exigned to Suit thoxe \xlto hay e alyxayx enjoy ed a (iarage—xty le nigltt ottt. htit leel a little long it) the tooth \xhen xurrounded hy l'rexhtaeed. lager-xtained youngxterx. Ste\ e lth ix prox idex the party antltetnx.

I The Shack at Shaek.

10.30pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ('heexy eltart tunex and eonttnereial danee traekx lion) 1)] (iraeme.

I Seduction at l)extitiy. lupin 3am. £(i before I lpm: £7 alter. Weekly. ’l’onight the eluh would like you to ‘drexx to imprexx' \xhile enjoying the tixual eommereial houxe'n‘tranee pap.

I Strawberry Fields at Stranherry l'ieldx. ltlfillpm 3am. £5. \Veekly. ('laxxie party nonxenxe from the (i()x to litxl \\ CL'l'\.

Glasgow Sundays


I Budda at liar Budda. Spin midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. l)ixpel the nightat‘ter hluex \xith l)l ('olin Walker ol‘ the .\'e\\ York Allianee. \xho will he playing only the deepext houxe atid tnoxt progt'exxi\'e gt'om ex.

I Divine Intervention at Bret.

9pm tnidnigltt. l‘ree. Weekly. l).| lluxhpuppy hlendx mod. old groox e and iunk into a pleaxing maxh. xerxed Willi xome line houxe red.

I Elilots at lilliotx. Spin midnigltt. l‘ree. Weekly. .\ new open deekx night at thix xuhtly poxitioned har in the otliee dixtriet. Bring along yer reeordx, hut otin ilh they lie good. No tranee pleaxe.

I The Hustler at .'\ir ()rganie.

5pm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Straight otit the ‘hood to your neek o. the \xoodx: .loltnnie lila/e and hix oeeaxional guextx xupply groox ex xo xinooth they 'd tnoxe yo‘ momma'x axx.

I Massiff at tlte 'l'ron 'l‘lteatre.

Spin laitt. Marking the end ol' the lirxt .\lerehant ('in l'extixal. llarri (Sulteulture). Stex ie Boy le t.\laxxill) aitd the legendary Sandy Baird prexent the hext in rooix. reggae. xotil attd ia/I. In the har area h.ding \x ill protnixe a

xenxttal. exotie xel \xith Stexie on .xitar and Signy on perettxxion. lleadlining in the ntain room. the London haxed Spektrum \\ ill perform their Seottixh dehut playing an eeleetie tnix ol eleetroniea hlending. Rtle and lunk \\ itlt a xerioux pttttk attitude \\ ith a \xarm up \L‘l l‘t‘tttil .\'iek l’etteUL‘k.

I The Man with No Suitcase at the (irit'tiny. Next date the.

I The Medicine Room at Bret. Spn) midnight. liree. Weekly. Medieine Room l).lx turn a liany mid-\xeek mood into a xmooth. xeduetix e eyening xexxion. I Moloco at .\loloeo. Spin midnigltt. l‘ree. Weekly. Martin St .loltn keepx it mixed up. With a xeleetion that takex in xtompin' nortltern xottl. rootx. roek and reggae.

I Mongo’s Hi-Fi at Bloe. All day. l’ree. Weekly. load up on l)uh and gruh ax .\longo hitx ux \xith eooking \‘inyl all day xahhath. .\Iongo like eandyl

I Nico’s at .\'ieo'x. ‘lpin tnidnight. l-‘ree. Weekly. 'l’ttrn that iron n upxide doxxn. Billy .\lilligan. the lan .\le|lix ol' danee Inttxie. ollerx a eheexehoard ol‘ no xmall \ariety.

I Phonic at .\tnxkitn. 0pm midnight. l'hl'L't‘. Weekly. 'l'hexe l’honie lt‘lltmx itt‘x‘ popping up exeryyxhere. Winding tlt)\\ n the \xeekend. Gordon and Stex en play only the ehoieext hottxe eutx.

I Passionality at ('uhe.

l l..‘~t)pm 3am. l'ree. Weekly. l).l Shaun enxurex that the \xeekend ix xtaying aliye \xitlt tltix poxt--\\eekend night of pleaxing L‘ltttt‘llxlt'}.

I Ross McMillan at .\'ien‘x.

‘lpm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Rexident prexentx the elieexiext ehart laxouritex to hix .\'ieo'x t'riendx.

I RfiB at Bar lt). 7pm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Relax \xith Rkli traekxmithery and take adxantage ol' the gettet‘oux drinkx promox at thix elaxxy eity eentre har.

I Scratch’n’Sniff at .\le( ‘tntitl‘x. ()pm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Next pre eluh \enture. featuring l)ann_\ liarhour playing houxe. garage and \xhatexer elxe lit‘ lttllelt‘S.

I Soulful Sundays at lehai ()\ na. 3 7pm. l-ree. Weekly. lt'x all eonduehe to a deep xenxe ot‘ ehill: drink ohxeure teax. play ehexx. gi\ e your hotly a rext. lloxted hy Raymondo and Rodrigtie/ il‘tttilx ()nly ). thix ix a xoult'ul xexxion to help reioin the lnnnan raee alter tlte \xeekend'x xillinexx.

I Sugar Shack at the Bah} (irand to lilm Bank (iardenx). Spm midnight. l-ree. Weekly. .-\ hlend oi lunk. _ia//. xoul and l.atin t'rotn l).l Mareelo.


I Bennet’s at liennet‘x.

ll..il)ptti 3am. £3. Weekly. In \\ hieh \x e are eonl'ronted hy a xtrange parity. 'l‘om playx tunex lox ed hy 12 year-old girlx. pltix xome hangin' handhag. to equally appreeiatixe gay nten. l‘unny old \xorld. I Bite at the ('athouxe. lt).3t)ptn 3am. liree hel'ore l l.3(lpm: £2 l .50) alter. Weekly. .\ milder mix ot~ indie aitd roek tltan you'll lind at the eity 'x premier roek \enue on l‘ri or Sal.

I Bump’n’Grind at the \‘eltet Roomx. llptn 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. \Vltttl do“ it the \\ eekend W ill) l).\l( i‘S mix ol' RtK'li and xtreet xottl.

I Chittlin’ Hoedown at Bart'ly.

l lpitt 3am. £l. Weekly. .'\ nexx night dexoted to pretty mueh \xhatexer the l).lx pleaxe. ineluding duh. ltip hop and eleetro W ill) added xplaxliex ol indie xtul't'.

I Club Tropicana at the (iarage t.v\tlie). llptit 3am. £3 t£3). Weekly. lndie. hotlt elaxxie and eontemporary.

xx ill) a healthy doxe ol' liritpop.

I Colours Streetrave 13th Birthday at the :\rehex. llpm lam. £l75t). 3‘) Sep. ('olourx take it right haek to their xoull'ul rootx at thix Streetraxe party \\ ith X l’rexx 2. Heather '.\1 People Small and one ol~ the greatext l).lx iii the World. l)anny Rampling. See [t/t't'it'ii'.

I Dream at Strayxherry l'ieldx. l().3()pm 3am. £l5. Weekly. liil'teen quid to get in'.’ You’re ‘ayin' a laugh. ain‘t ya'.’ But wait: the hat ix eontpletely the all night. xo .xtop moaning and get drunk.

I Hard Wired at Bat‘lly it’ormerly the |3th .\'ote ('luh). 9pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. .\ night xo roekin‘ it “ill hax e Kurt xx ixhing he hadn't been quite xo raxh. llappily ayoiding 35-year-oldx in xhortx with a xketehy knowledge of rap ino nu metal) and l.'()real—ahuxing poodlerx. llard Wired will play tunex t'rom lel't ol' the middle hig hitterx xueh ax Wee/er. l’oo l‘ighterx. Red Hot ('hilli l’epperx and llttndred Reaxonx ill the doxx nxtairx area.

I Liquid Cool at Baha/a. 9pm 3am. £5. Weekly. A]. Krix Keegan attd lan 'l‘hompxon play top-noteh \‘oeal garage and houxe to a eluh paeked \\ ith hyper- lteilollixlie l\\ entyxomething t'e\ellet'x. ttll ol' \x hont xeem to hax e l'orgotten that they ltaye \xork it) the morning. ll‘quality tunex and glamoroux anliex are your hag. Sun at Baha/a ix unmixxahle.

0 Mark Rae at the Rl\L‘l'\ttlL‘ Sneial. llpm 3am. Hi). 3‘) Sep only. One half ol' Rae and (‘hrixtian and head honeho at (irand (‘entral. Rae ean xtill lind time to play otit ltix iaxourite \enuex. 'l‘hix ix gonna roek.

I Miso at the ('aptain'x Rext. Next date () (let.

I Optimo (Espacio) at MAS (in axxoeiation \\ ill) the Sub ('luh).

llpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. The hoyx \\ ho turned ‘t\\ ixted’ into a hytxord lor ‘eutting edge'. .-\|xo. With the lattneh ot' the Suh ('luh noxx \ ixihle t()etoher). the xenxe ol antieipation ix palpahle.

I Solvent at .'\laxka. llpm .‘tant. £5 (£3). Weekly. ()ne l'or thoxe \xho iuxt \xon't let the \xeekend die. ('olin l)a\ ie xpinx lunky houxe and \xhatex er he laneiex to a eroxxd of tip l'or it .'\l;txk;ttl I'L‘\ x‘llL‘l'S.

listings Clubs

I Streaker at Shaek'.

l().3()pm 3.30am. £5 (£3). Weekly. DJ Jamex ‘llte Boy' (iardner .xpinx the traekx t‘or thoxe enjoying immature antiex' and naked t‘un. 'l'hix xoundx like a good laugh. eh'.’

I Sunday Surgery at ('uhe.

l lpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. (‘atneron ('raig dixpenxex .xome xalye for your .xoul itt thix di\'et'ting \\ inder-doxx‘ner \x ith a medieal theme.

I Sunday Best at the Shed.

10.30pm 2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. The Right Reyerend .lim l)a Hext (llype. (‘uhei playx \xhateyer the hell he \yantx eaeh and eyery Sahhath tor the hungover

I Transistor at the Polo Lounge.

1 lptn 3am. £5. Weekly. Real pop for real people \xith l)J.x Niall .‘yleMurray and Wayne l)ixon.

I Tronicsole bank Holiday Special at the (‘('.»\. £l() U350. 29 Sep only. Soletnuxie prexent tltix one oll' xpeetaeular \\ ith the deep xoullul xoundx ot~ N\'("x tinext Kerri (‘handletz Joining (ilaxgoxx regularx Steyie ‘Sole' Middleton. (ieol'l' .\l. llarri. ('ltrix Harris and l’honie. .S'm' [trot-ten:

Chart & Party

I Atmosphere at Destiny.

l()pm 3am. £3 het‘ore l lpm: £4 alter. Weekly. Winding. hent metal xtn'roundingx and .xequin-elad youthx. all marinated in a generoux amount of elteap home and brought to the boil with only the elteexiext (it. track SL‘lL‘CllUllS.

I Disco at l’ttry Murry'x. l lpmfiam. £4 (£3 ). Weekly. (’heexe-taxtie dixeo t‘un tor xtudentx. with l)a\e and Phil .xpinning the tllSL‘S.

I Media at Media. l lpm 3am. £2. Weekly. .-\ lull-on tlatoured tnix from rotational rexidentx plttx karaoke in room txxo. l)rink.x promox a honux (all drinkx £2 all night).


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